[SSR] Season 1.0, Week 5 Results

Southtown Summer Ranbats Series

Season 1.0, Week 5 Results

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition

1st Place: Julio (Yun)
2nd: Kimo (Hakan)
3rd: HARGI (Ryu)
4th: [STA]Willpower (Dee Jay, Oni)
5th(tie): ScruffyEric
5th(tie): QED
7th(tie): GH (Akuma)
7th(tie): SFGief (Zangief, duh)

Bracket & Results for Round 1.5 – http://challonge.com/ssrssf4ae105


Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds

1st Place: CurtiePie
2nd: Rich B.
3rd: John S.
4th: Minty
5th(tie): Marc
5th(tie): James H.
7th(tie): Joshbot
7th(tie): Mellow

Bracket & Results for Round 1.5 – http://challonge.com/ssrmarvel105


The King of Fighters XIII

1st Place: Geo.YUC
2nd: Isaiah
3rd: Fatacon
4th: Fixel
5th(tie): Reiki
5th(tie): Charrex
7th(tie): HotPockets
7th(tie): N4US

Bracket & Results for Round 1.4 – http://challonge.com/ssrkof104


Hard Gay

1st Place: RogerDodger
2nd: [STA]Art
3rd: Haunts
4th: [STA]Mr.Jared
5th(tie): [STA]Simon
5th(tie): iLLiterate

Bracket & Results for Round 1.1 – http://challonge.com/ssrhg101

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