Have you heard of Southtown Arcade? Are you interested in stopping by, but you’re completely clueless on how to get here? We’ve written up this [hopefully] helpful guide which will help you navigate the streets of San Francisco and get to Southtown!

– Arriving via Public Transit?

You can get to us from BART! It’s super simple: take BART and exit at Powell Street Station, then exit via the Stockton Street exit and walk north, approxmiately four blocks. We are on the left side of the street (same side as the BART exit!), just before the tunnel. Look for the huge, neon green awning!

Taking CalTrain up here? No problem! Simply take CalTrain to the end of the line, exit at the Fourth and King Street station. Walk one block east on Brannan and you will find the 30 Stockton or 45 Union bus stop; hop on either one of these ($2.00 fare) and exit on Sutter and Stockton, right in front of the tunnel! You will see us on the left-hand side; look for the huge, neon green awning!

In San Francisco and taking Muni? We shouldn’t have to tell you how to get here! Get yourself to Sutter & Stockton, South-side of the tunnel!

– Arriving in your sweet-ass ride?

From East Bay:

From South Bay:

From North Bay:

Wondering where to park? We have a lovely parking lot directly across the street from us! The Sutter-Stockton Garage is open 24 hours and has very reasonable rates, including flat-rates in the evenings! You can view more information and the rates at their website.

Don’t bother trying to park on the street; the meters cost more than the parking lot, and they’re always full!

Wondering where to eat? There is so much food around here, it’s not even funny. We are located in the heart of Union Square in downtown San Francisco, so you can find pretty much anything you like! Check out the listings for Union Square on Yelp. We recommend Katana-ya (Ramen) on Geary and Super Duper (Burgers & Fries) on Market Street.

Wondering where to drink? We are located below (literally) the world-famous Tunnel Top Bar! Head upstairs and have a drink or three, come back down and get some games in! Please remember that alcohol is absolutely not permitted inside the arcade, and we will kick you out if we see you with it. Don’t be a dick.

Hopefully this makes it easier for everyone to find us, and feel free to post a comment if you have a question or if something doesn’t make sense!

Support South Town! See you soon!

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