We have Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3!

As you’d expect, we’ve had Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 since its launch on Wednesday. The setup is basically the same as before (you can read our old post on Vanilla Marvel for more info), but we did want to update some details for those of you who are unfamiliar with our setups.

What’s different with the Ultimate Marvel setup?

Nothing! It’s basically the same as before, just a different game.

Can we bring our own Pads/Joysticks/Zappers?

Yes! You can find USB inputs underneath the control panel, on the bottom right side (facing the cabinet).

The start button on the cabinet is kind of close to my fingers. Can I disable it?

Yes! You can find a push-button switch to disable the start buttons underneath the control panel, on the bottom-right side (facing the cabinet, next to the USB inputs).

Do you have loaner sticks/pads I can use? I don’t like using the cabinet controls.

Unfortunately, we don’t. Sorry. :( You’ll have to bring your own!

Feel free to ask at the front desk if you have any questions, and have fun!

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