Namco vs Capcom / Capcom vs Namco–rumour mill runs wild!

Word coming out of every corner of the world indicates that Namco and Capcom are preparing to collaborate on a “versus” game featuring characters from both companies. Namco and Capcom are each allegedly developing their own game, with Namco basing their game on “Tekken” and Capcom basing their title on “Street Fighter IV.”

As of today, there is no confirmation from either company as to whether or not such a game exists, but Yoshinori Ono, the producer of “Street Fighter IV,” is scheduled to present his newest title at Comic Con this weekend in San Diego, and many expect the new title to be “Capcom vs Namco.”

Both Katsuhiro Harada, the director of Namco’s “Tekken” series, and Ono have been extremely friendly to each other recently and expressed interest in collaborating on a project, with the rumour gaining greater steam after Harada appeared at the EVOLUTION 2010 Fighting Game Championships in early July.

If such a game is to be released, Namco’s version would definitely hit the arcade market, but whether or not Capcom follows suit remains to be seen. Capcom’s reluctance to release their newest titles toward the arcade market first has been distressing for enthusiasts and operations–extremely bad for business. It does appear that their recent decision to port “Super Street Fighter IV” has led to a change of heart, however.

More news as soon as it develops!

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