Southtown Season 3 Wrap-Up & Winners!

We know it took a while, but here’s the final rankings for the Southtown Season 3 Ranbat Series!

The King of Fighters XIII

1) BBZ – 26 pts
2) ON.MichelS – 24 pts
2) Fixel – 24 pts

BBZ reigns supreme once more, solidifying the grip that Hong Kong gangsters hold over Southtown. The French Connection is hot on his heels, with Michel coming in with a strong second-place showing! Felix proves that he is one of the top players in NorCal and should be respected, finishing the season strong, tied for second with Michel!

Geo earned an honorable mention, technically finishing in third place, although he is really fourth place, due to the tie for 2nd. Geo finally lost this season to SoCal, showing that NorCal still has a long way to go if they want to match SoCal’s skill level.


Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

1) [STA]WindZero – 57 pts
2) IGL.HonzoGonzo- 33 pts
3) CurtiePie – 20 pts

Tommy, aka WindZero, once again proves he is the King of Southtown in Ultimate Marvel, winning all but one Ranbat he entered! Honzo Gonzo finished his first full season at Southtown strong, coming in second place; he would have likely won had it not been for Tommy!

Curtis made his triumphant return this season to Southtown, proving he is still a force to be reckoned with, and proving himself worthy of the title “Mayor of Southtown” with his strong Haggar play.


Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition

1) SBA Harrison – 32 pts
2) iLLiterate – 31 pts
3) [STA]Willpower – 24 pts

Harrison takes home the gold for Video Bob, chucking rocks and sticking everyone all the way to first place. Pavo came in at a close second, and he could have easily finished first if he bothered to show up for Week 6!

The protector of Southtown, Willpower came in a strong third, at 24 points! Will has been keeping his own with the steady influx of new, skilled players, and he continues to prove that Southtown can hang with the best of them!


We’d like to dedicate this post to SFGIEF, for helping us run brackets and protecting the Russian skies.

We’ll be tracking you all down at NCR to give you your prizes!
Thanks to everyone who came out this season and supported us!
Get ready for the next season; it’s going to be amazing!

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