Taito reveals new Arcade title: Darius Burst Another Chronicle!

This is awesome.

Remember the countdown we mentioned that Taito had going on their site? Well, Taito has revealed the title to be “Darius Burst: Another Chronicle.” The game is slated to run on Taito’s Type X2 hardware, and will feature up to four player simultaneous gameplay on a dual screen Vewlix cabinet modeled after the classic “Darius” cabinets!

No word yet on how many zillions of dollars that cab will cost, but you can expect that we will be very broke once vendors start accepting orders.

Color us excited.

The game appears to be a slight deviation from the PSP entry (“Darius Burst”), but with the four player co-op mode and possible new stages, we’re not complaining!

Location testing will occur this weekend at Taito HEY in Akiba.

Visit the official website here, and go here for some gameplay screens!
via Taito & 4gamer

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