Donate $30 or more to ST @ EVO 2013, get a free t-shirt!

Guess what? ST is in the running for the 8th game at EVO 2013, and we’d like to do what we can to encourage people to donate! As such, we’ll be sending a free t-shirt to anyone who donates at least $30 to ST for EVO 2013!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Donate at least $30 (this is important!) to ST @ EVO 2013. Remember, your donation supports breast cancer research!
  2. EMAIL US via our Contact Form. Let us know that you donated and you’re claiming your tee!
  3. We’ll respond back and ask for your shipping address and your size; we’ll also ask you for verification of your donation, of course.
  4. We’ll mail you a shirt, free of charge! Please note the shirt will be completely random and based on your size; you might hate it, you might love it, it may not be a STA shirt. Remember, this is for charity!
  5. Get your donation in by midnight tonight (PST) or it doesn’t count!

Feel free to tweet at us or post on our Facebook page if you have questions.

Let’s go ST!



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